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Spy Phone App Free is an authenticate spy on cell phone, which gives you seamless and unrestricted access to the activity logs accessed by your employees or your child. Simply install this software on your monitored and compatible smartphone supported by the software and install the same into your employee or child’s phone to get all the log details at ease. With the help of this seamless technology, you can spy on call details, photos, GPS locations, text messages, and even social media activities performed by your ward. So, be aware of any alarming activities. Keep yourself updated.
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Features About 無料のスパイの携帯電話アプリケーション

The program is a perfect companion if you want to keep a watch on your child’s activities on their smartphones or what else your employees do apart from working. Our spy phone serves different spying solutions that are elaborated below.
Call Logs Spy

Calls & Surroundings Recording

It could be dialed or missed or received calls that could either be a potential threat or bountiful to your ward. It's lets you access all the call logs with ease.
Spy Call Logs Free Online
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Text Message Spy

Texting is one of the latest trends which is followed by people of all ages. It's lets you track every message sent or received so that you can keep a track of all the message logs.
spy text messages free online
monitor gps locations free

GPS Tracking

Track the whereabouts of your child or employee and also keep a track on his/her movements with 無料のスパイの携帯電話アプリケーション.
spy phone location free online
Social Media Monitoring

Contacts & Web Tracking

Currently one of the most vulnerable sites on the internet, your employees or child may be wandering on the wrong type of content or might be sharing posts or blogs that may cause problems. Grab your purchase of 無料のスパイの携帯電話アプリケーション which lets monitor social media activities with ease.
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Messenger Logs Monitoring

WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook

WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, LINE services are an alternative to carrier text messages. With Spy Phone Software Free, you will be able to spy these messages as well.
spy whatsapp viber facebook messages free online
Photo Monitoring Free

Photo Tracking

View All Photos Taken By the Phone. Discover what photos are taken on the smartphone or tablet. Log photos taken by the phone.
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最高のスパイ電話アプリ無料 - 専門的過ぎて、あまりにも洗練されたに見えることができますすべてのデバイスの監視が、専門知識を開発し、ユーザーにはそう簡単にタスクを行う. その後承認されたデバイスのシームレスな時計を提供しています 3 つの基本的な手順が含まれます.
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Why You Need Spy Phone App Free?

Spy Phone App Free use trial 48 hours with FULL features. It's offers a variety of monitoring techniques that work on all major models of smartphones and supports all major telecom carriers, thus, giving you an unrestricted access to spy all the activities made by your ward. What else does it offer? You can monitor the authorized devices in real-time and it even saves the logs and activities to be accessed later via any web browser.
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  • Real Time Location Tracking

  • View Location History

  • View Sent / Received SMS

  • View Deleted SMS/iMessage

  • View Call History

  • Call Recorder

  • Time of The Call / Contact Name

  • Download MP4 File Call Record

  • View All Contacts Stored

  • View Internet Browsing History

  • View Bookmarks

  • View Photos

  • WhatsApp Chats

  • Facebook Messages

  • Track Viber Messages

  • Yahoo Messages

  • Kik Messages

  • BBM History

  • Snapchat

  • Live and Record Audio

  • Backup And Delete All Data

  • FREE to Upgrade New Version

  • Support 24/7

  • Export logs (Excel/CSV)

  • 100% Undetectable

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